Tire Techs

Our tire techs are experienced and trained for OTR tires. Allen Ware, the owner, trains each man in safety, correct procedures for jacking up equipment, using tire tools, and looking after the customer’s best interests. Our tire techs should show you or your operator What is wrong with your tire and how he plans to fix it or why it should be replaced. Our techs are trained to use bead breakers, rams and other special hydraulic tools to complete your job quickly and safely. They will put a radial patch on a radial tire; make sure your directional tire runs the right way; and let you know if they see any other problems. We are called to fix other tire companies mistakes.

Majority of our techs are MSHA certified, which means they are authorized to work in sand pits and mining situations. We guarantee our work. Call us back immediately if you have a problem or are not satisfied. We will make it right.