Tire Life increases the life span of your tires

Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce the temperature that builds up inside your OTR tires due to friction and summer heat that causes tire failure?  Now you can with a product called Tire Life. It’s like air conditioning for your tires. Continue reading


Our primary focus is rapid field service that will reduce your down time and solve your tire problems. Whether you’re at a construction site, your yard or stranded on a highway, we’ll send the right truck for the job and an experienced tire tech to do the job right. Continue reading


What type of tires are you looking for? Our vast tire inventory can provide new, used, recaps as well as foam-filled and solid press-on tires. Our selection can supply tires for 18—wheelers, construction and mining equipment, farm tractors & implements, industrial uses, all types of trailers, RVs and more.

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More than 85% of damaged OTR tires can be repaired by the process known as vulcanizing. Consider having high-treaded radial tires section repaired at in our in-house shop. Vulcanizing can be a big money saver when you are on a budget.

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