How to Inspect OTR Tires

Here is a list of problems to look for when you inspect your OTR tires.
1. Dry rot – rubber is dry, cracked and brittle
2. Radial cracking – extensive cracks from the tread to the bead
3. Bulging sidewall – indicates belt separation and a potential blowout
4. Oil soaked – oil leaking from the equipment will soften the rubber
5. Tread depth – shows how much rubber is left on the tire
6. Valve cap – prevents valve core from being damaged that causes air leaks
7. Bent or damaged stem – its a good indication of a slow leak
8. Rotate tires – move low treaded tires to the rear, keep high treaded ones on the front for traction
9. Low air pressure – tires that go low over time could need a flat repair. If not fixed, it causes cracking, separations and tire failure.
10. Proper inflation – tires that are properly inflated daily will last longer and have less chance for damage.

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