It’s Time to Acquire your Ag Tires

Place your orders soon for any new agricultural tires you may need. Call 817-480-6943.

If we don’t have it in stock, we can locate one quick and get it installed the same day. The warehouses are busy ordering and stocking the most popular sizes. We want your tires to be available before they are back ordered. If you have an odd ball tire size, we may need to shop around to find it at a reasonable price.

We also stock some used farm tires, so give us a call to see what’s available. It may not be pretty, but it can do the job and save you money.

Vulcanizing is another way to revive a damaged tire to use on the rear as a spare. Our in-house vulcanizing shop will inspect your damaged OTR tire and see if it is a candidate for repair. About 85 percent of damaged OTR tires can be repaired.

Many people are going with foam-filling to reduce their flats compared to tube-type tires.

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