The Importance of a Spare Tire

Quick question? Do you have an aired up spare tire on your car or truck right now? About 80% of people are driving around without a spare tire. What’s your plan when you have a flat or blow out?

We get calls every day and night from people you are stranded without a spare tire. Think about how important your vehicle is to getting you to work, school, vacation or a medical emergency?  When you go down, it’s going to cost you a bundle to get up and running again.

As a mobile tire service, we generally carry tires for 18-wheelers, which come in about 6 standard sizes and 3 tread designs. On the other hand, car and pickup trucks come in a large variety of tire sizes, most of which we don’t normally stock. During the day, we can run to a warehouse while you wait and get your particular size. But in the middle of the night, all we can recommend is a tow truck to get you to the closest tire shop.

We urge you to stop today and purchase a new tire for a spare. When you have a flat, you can put it on (or call someone to put it on) and be on your way knowing the new tire is dependable. A used tire or donut will only get you to the nearest tire shop, where you’ll buy a new tire.

Your wheel sensors will tell you when your spare has lost air pressure. That’s a good time to air it up and check your other tires’ pressure.

By the way, when you plug your tire, it’s only a temporary measure. The plug will shrink in the heat. The air will escape, and your tire will be flat again.

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