Two new trucks added to Ware’s truck fleet

Ware’s Giant Tire welcomes the addition of two new 2015 Dodge commercial trucks to our fleet this August. These truck tire trucks will reduce customers’ down time and better serve their needs in the field. They have lift gates for easier handling of truck and OTR tires and new air compressors for faster air ups. Thank you to our long-term customers and new customers for trusting us with your tires and labor.

New Tire Changing | Balancing Trailer

Ware’s Tires now has the capability to balance your commercial tires onsite. With our new mobile trailer, we bring the tire changer and balancer to your yard. Fleet maintenance has never been this easy. We can install and balance new tires on your trucks without the inconvenience of waiting at the tire shop. Think of how much your down time would be reduced.

Tariff raises Chinese tires by 21%

A federal tariff took effect on August 15, 2016 that raised the price on commercial tires coming from China by 21%. Previously, the Chinese import tires were less expensive to purchase, but with the new tariff, they will become more expensive than American-made tires. We have a small supply of Chinese commercial tires in stock at the old prices. You can stock up on these at a great savings before we have to reorder at the new prices.